Friday, 29 August 2014

Salvation - Post Ludum improvements (continued)

Morning people,

Improvement changelist thus far:

  • GUI textures now redraw with aspect ratio/resolution. Basically screen size
  • Fixed annoying panel bug where panels wouldn't close after clicking a new panel
  • Fixed bug caused by closing panels requiring user to double click on the new panel

Potential problems:
GUIText does not draw the same way as a GUITexture, only have a vertex to work with (x,y). Might have to redraw fontsize or pixel.offset depending on screen size. As it stands now the text will always remain the same size. This seems to function properly overall for now so leaving as is to fix other more pressing concerns.

Next bug fixes:

  • Fixing the selection marker
  • Reworking the stats panel to make is function like other panels, currently will throw out nullpointer exceptions as Update is checking for something that may no longer be setActive. Need to add isActive check to BuildingInterface class.

That's it for now, will keep on chugging after work.


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