Monday, 21 April 2014

Suddenly Rain - The horrific tale of a slugs wetness

Hey all,

Nothing has stopped as far as my trade game goes, I may not have been updating the blog but I have been working on it quite well. I intend to post my progress on it soon.

Today's post is about something different though. I have spend around 12 hours making a game from start to finish. It is called Suddenly Rain and is the first game that actually made me smile while playing it rather than sighing at bugs.

The game follows a simple concept. You play as a slug named Claude (see below). Many thanks to my amazing girlfriend for drawing this for me. I am terrible at drawing and she whipped this up in a few minutes. I am super jealous of her!

You are caught in a sudden downpour and need to avoid getting wet at all costs! Why? Because being wet is really inconvenient that's why! You use the A and D keys to avoid the rain. While doing so a timer counts your survival in seconds. If you get hit by the rain you get splashed and need to start over. The game play doesn't stop so be careful when hitting Retry as the rain may already be coming at ya!

I just realised that there may be a minor bug with the timer not switching to minutes properly. I know why this is happening. It's me formatting a float to a String via {00:00} but not dealing with the 60 seconds = a minute properly. I fixed half of it but didn't finish up. I totally forgot about it. But it's a minor issue and I was trying to get something done and not fuss about bugs to much. That tends to be my flaw and the main reason I never finish any of my game projects.

So in a way this is me throwing out an unpolished game going "Check this out, pretty random and a little bit funny, right?"

I am hoping to do another one for Ludum Dare. Either the one coming up on the 25th or maybe the next one.

You can find the game on my main site. Or if you are lazy click here.

Thanks for reading! :)

Ps. Here's a screenshot of how my Trade game is looking thus far.