Monday, 25 August 2014

Ludum Dare #30 Dev Journal: Salvation – Because I’m happyyyyyy (Adding win conditions, fixing bugs)

Oh my days -facedesk-

Alrighty so I been fixing a bunch of minor bugs, most of them GUI bugs I didnt think of during the early stages. Like what happens if I just spam a button over and over again. Turns out you lose the game terribly, or win the game also terribly. Trying to fix all these click spam issues.
Also busy working on deconstruction, like what happens if I swap one building with another? Now you get a 50% refund and the other building is built. Pretty sure I’m missing a few bugs though which haunt me still D:

Money and population now matters in the game. You cannot build a work-building such as a solar array or factory if you do not have enough of the required population. Only certain refugees from certain worlds can run certain buildings. So the idea is to get a good mixture for what kind of facility you want to run. The idea is to have everyone from different worlds band together and help each other to survive this terrible assault from <INSERT ENEMY NAME HERE>. You also now can’t build anything if you can’t afford it. This money checking method works ok, not perfect but ok for now. You can still go in the negatives.

I’m also starting on the win/lose conditions. The win condition is reach a certain level of population. Meaning rescue X number of refugees. I’m not sure what this number is at the moment. I’ll focus on balancing later as those would only need me to tweak ints here and there. I’m also spawning things super-fast to debug so balancing is not a smart move at the moment I think.

I’ve added a Happiness rating to my game. If you can’t accommodate a certain amount of refugees and they leave on a ship – you have a decrement to your happiness rating (maybe, depending on a % of an int). I’m planning to have it so that if your happiness reaches 0 or less, you have a chance of the refugees rebelling on you and you losing control of the station. Meaning you lose the game.
I also wanted to have a % chance that the rebels would destroy a building based on happiness, had it kinda working but it’s taking to much time and I got around 1-2 hours before I have to start making assets.

My next steps are to add defence, food and healthcare to my game. It might have to be in a basic way for now but they’ll be there. I also need to start and finish the upkeep/transport costs. And the grant income for money. Since at the moment there’s no long term money making in my game. A building gives you + cash flat out and then never again. This doesn’t work well in gameplay so I need to change it.

Code for how my happyness works at the moment:
//Making nice old school comment dividers cause my eyes are getting blurry! 
//Sets the population values per worlds race
public void setPop(int x, string y){
    if(y == “red” && redCap != 0 && redCap >= redPop){
        redPop += x;
        GameObject.Find(“RedCap_Pop”).guiText.text = redPop.ToString();
        if(y == “blue” && blueCap != 0 && blueCap >= bluePop){
            bluePop += x;
            GameObject.Find(“BlueCap_Pop”).guiText.text = bluePop.ToString();
            if(y == “green” && greenCap != 0 && greenCap >= greenPop){
                greenPop += x;
                GameObject.Find(“GreenCap_Pop”).guiText.text = greenPop.ToString();
                if(y == “yellow” && yellowCap != 0 && yellowCap >= yellowPop){
                    yellowPop += x;
                    GameObject.Find(“YellowCap_Pop”).guiText.text = yellowPop.ToString();
                    UnHappy25(); //Because of refugees being forced off the station you bad person you!

//% chance of an unhappy being added to overall happyness
public void UnHappy25(){
    int rndNum;
    rndNum = (Random.Range(0, 40));
    if(rndNum == 1){
        happyRate -= 1;
    GameObject.Find(“hppyVal”).guiText.text = happyRate.ToString();

Oh I also added totals for a nice overview.

Back to it!

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