Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hello all!

Sweet monkeys it's been a busy few days for me D:

I just got back from a trip to Paris and in the next two weeks I'll be in Berlin. So that means not much progress will be made on my little projects until after I get back.

I really enjoyed Paris and my rusty french got a little bit better! :D I really needed to get out of London for a bit seeing as how job hunting was getting me all down.

I'll be posting my latest dev stuffs and site update asap! But for now I gotta get packing :D

Wie gehts dir Berlin? :D

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Previous Work page coming real soon!

Good morning all,

I’ve not been able to update things as often as I’d like. It’s either time to be at work, or home writing code. Writing these updates takes some time unfortunately but I have some free time now so, let’s do this!

In this post I wanna talk about some new functionality on my website! I am in the process of setting up a “previous work” page. It’s not up just yet but it should be soon ™!

I have thus far made the page and set up the layout. I finished the scripting last night to show headers that expand on click (hiding any other headers that are open). I’m super proud of how this looks at the moment! This allows me to have a list of previous work. When clicked on, the header will expand showing all the information which I am planning to load in externally again.

No fancy fade effects are on this page outside of the initial load up. I might take this out entirely as it is really slowing down things on mobiles. We’ll see once I do some more testing.

I’d like to post some pictures or code but I don’t have any on me at the moment. Guess you’ll all have to see once I have to site updated!

I’m planning on using this area to show off previous work I’ve done. Not just game related stuff but all code or software systems I have developed. Since I have some pretty neat things I made ages ago, at University or in my free time, it’d be a shame not to use it in my portfolio. I also want to use this area to show off neat little things I’ve created but can’t use in any official project. Things I find of value or interest code wise!

Anyhow, I’m hoping to have this page up and running real soon. This should be doable as the only bit left over is to create the external data documents. As usual you’ll be able to see it on clusterbuggames.co.uk once it’s ready!

Have a good day everyone :D