Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Done with my Masters Degree!

Well, I did it. I finished a Msc with commendation and I'm graduating in January of next year. The end of another academic stint. This year honestly felt like 4 sleep deprived months for me. I ended up doing my final year project / thesis on AI in video games. I managed to get distinction for it, I have no idea how. There are so many areas I could improve on. I made a demo game to show it off using Unity and some external libraries I created in Matlab. I'll cover that in a future topic though. I've not had a day off to relax in 2 years now and I can feel it starting to catch up with me. To be honest it caught up to me at the start of this, my second year, at this point I'm just glad I'm still sane and functioning.

But! I am still here, still doing my thing. Many people (like ... 3 of them!) have asked me what's next, and I have a lot of ideas. But currently I just need to slow down or try to. I'm not even 30 yet and already im starting to go grey. I'm going to book a few weeks off work in January, to attend my graduation and screw around with some projects I have been putting off, while I was busy with my Masters. First time in a while I've not had to book time off work to study.

It does feel strange not having a deadline looming over me though. And I am finding it difficult to switch off, but that's not strange for me. Anyhow, I hate blogposts that is just a buncha text about what I'm up to, so check out this thing I made one Saturday night!

I was interested in how Action RPG's interpolate 2d coordinate space into 3d coordinate space. The answer (in Unity) is raycasts! Feels like cheating but hey, it works I guess :D