Friday, 23 January 2015

Adding Narration into our game

Still making slow progress on this as Uni's been getting busy (more on that in my Student blog). However I have been doing s few things here and there. At the moment I am working on adding narration to our game.

Laura did some super cool narration for our project and I've been adding them in little by little as I test at the same time. Taken from our github tracker:

Added level 1_1 intro narrative as a test in afdeb2d. Started restructuring the Sound Manager a little bit. We drop all audio sources volume to 0.2F while the narrative is playing. Once finished we boost up the audio to all audio sources in the level to 1.0F. This works pretty neat currently :D The narration plays with quiet audio in the background and once its done the audio is restored to its full glory!

I am still thinking whether or not this is the best way to go as atm we are constantly updating each audio sources volume per frame. But I can't think of a better way right now. I'm gonna keep running this through my head, but the good thing about updating per frame is that the audio seems really responsive. And we don't have -that- much audio really so it shouldn't impact performance I think.

That's it for now, small update. After some more testing last night I am thinking the way we are doing it will be fine for now.

I'm looking at making a project site for our project now to show people. This means more HTML/CCS and javascript stuff when I get a minute spare.


Friday, 16 January 2015

EGX build - Almost done!

Well I realize I've not updated my blog in quite some time. Mostly because I've been far to busy with two projects. Our gamejam and my University project.

My University project progress can be seen here.

With regards to our Gamejam, we have been making steady progress. The submission deadlines for Leftfield is today and I still have two bugs to fix after work.

Rob1 set up an awesome little bug tracker for our project on github which we have be using to good effect :D It's been really useful in keeping things organized.

We are aiming today to have some more levels added into the game and the last remaining bugs for this cycle to be fixed. After that, time permitting I'll be able to run some more tests and see where we stand.

We have a bunch of polish issues on standby and I'd like to clean up my code a little as it appears really unorganized at the moment. And maybe improve upon some of my more 'hacky' fixes.

Our game is slowly growing up in front of us and I'm super proud of all the work we've all done. Huge shout out to Rob1 as he's been doing the brunt of the bug fixes for this submission. It sucks being so busy with my Uni project. I'm hoping that after the deadline for it on Monday I'll have some more time free to help out properly.

It still never get used to the feeling you get when you start with nothing and create something fun out of it. It is the most rewarding feeling ever. Makes all the hours of working on it worth while :D

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Ludum Dare 31 Results

Happy New Year!

So our results are in! We managed to do really well and I'm super proud of everyone on the team!

Our results can be seen below. Soon I'll be done with my University assignment and I should have a few days spare to spend fixing a bunch of bugs on it with other Rob. This is to get things ready for submission on the 16th.

#2640 total entries

#400 Graphics(Jam) 3.48
#406 Mood(Jam) 3.17
#449 Audio(Jam) 2.85
#746 Overall(Jam) 2.92
#785 Innovation(Jam)  2.57
#866 Fun(Jam) 2.52
#890 Theme(Jam) 2.96

Rob has been awesome and set up the bug tracking in Github so we can keep things nice and organised. For now though I have to rewrite a bunch of GUI code for my University project so I'm out for now.