Monday, 25 August 2014

I made an android app! :D

Hey all, long time no post but I've been busy as usual tinkering away with things as I do. I made progress on my Android stuff! I now have a basic working snake game that runs on my Galaxy. I'll post some pictures of it when I can but I'm looking to finish it completely after learning some OpenGL stuff.

Most of it is thanks to the books I've been reading/following but I'm still super stoked I managed to get something done :) I'm starting to like Java more and more.

In other news I've been messing around with Unity prototypes and signed up to do the Ludum Dare 30, 48 hours challenge! Which ended at 2 a.m UK time last night. I made a game in 30 hours total including all assets. It's pretty buggy and has no sound but I'm still pretty proud. Rather than make an acrady game like I normally do I thought I'd try and make something with a bit more substance. Seeing as how I was using Unity and it let me do things pretty quickly without having to worry about low level stuff, I thought it was only fair. The theme was Connected Worlds. I kept a dev journal which I'll post up on this blog in a bit.

Lastly I'm heading back to University to study for my Master’s degree in games programming. Starting in September. All things seem to be heading in the right direction, just waiting for them to get back to me.

Anyhow dev blog to follow!

Update: Apk for my little app can be found here.

Examples/images of the project can be found on my main site :D

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