Monday, 25 August 2014

Ludum Dare #30 Dev Journal: Salvation – Income Rates and the code for happyness

Man was I feeling bummed out last night – all my complicated stuff was working fine but I had a ton of minor bugs around which was annoying me to no end. Also the way Unity uses its Setactive-ness is beyond annoying in my opinion. Anyhow I decided to spend 5 hours sleeping, overslept by like 2 hours but I still have 14 hours left.

Not started on assets yet, but I’ve decided that I’m done adding features to what I have thus far. It’s now a decision between what my game can do – and how my game looks. So I gotta choose looks as I think it can do a fair bit.

The sleep helped, and I added Income rates into my game. So building a factory won’t just give you flat out money but also an income rate very X amount of time. at the moment this time is every second, but I need to do balancing once I can actually sit and play my game for a bit.

Happiness now also has this. So the happiness rating is working properly now, apart from balancing. I would have liked to have more factors include this happiness functionality. As at the moment it just leaving refugees (-) and security buildings (+) I need to rework the code for happiness, it’s pretty messy at the moment.

- Improvement ideas -
  • Make more use of happiness rating, if I make an events system I should then use it in there as well.
  • Fix how the happiness works, it needs its own class. Perhaps then I can add other factors in easily (such as hunger/sickness etc)
  • Tweak how my income rate is repeated. There’s a more efficient way of doing that…it’s on the tip of my tongue!

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