Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Runes: Songs of the Gods - Version 1.3

For this I mostly added polish issues that were annoying me during development. I also got two very skilled people (testing is what they do for a living! :D) to check out my little game and make suggestions.

All of these things lead to the following issues being addressed.

  • Improved the runes after three were done being selected. To make newer ones spawn faster so the player isn’t left waiting too long.
  • I did this by calling the GetNewRune(); function immediately after the three runes were reset
  • Tweaked my light fade in / fade out function that I was quite proud of. Made it so it doesn’t blind the player completely.
  • Cleant up the introduction audio so the wind didn’t start until the whispering voice was done. This meant that you could now hear the voice and not just sense a mumble :D I did it by adding a check to see if the voice audio was done - if(!IntroTalk.isPlaying).
  • Made the bonus score more interesting. It now adds your score at certain thresholds rather than a simple + 10 points. This means that you’ll get around +50 then +100 then + 150/200 as you reach the bonus thresholds. BUT I made it work like a killing spree works in other games. 
  • This means that when you reach a threshold and mess up somewhere along the line the bonus score is completely lost. So it’s a lot trickier because you either have to take your time (and waste game time) or risk it and try and click that one lingering rune a split second before it changes.
  • Made it so that runes were now de-selectable as long as only 1 or 2 runes were active. The new AddToArray functionality made this super easy :D It adds a little more pace to the game. 
  • This was a very good suggestion from feedback I got and also allowed missclickes to be corrected!
I found that people playing the game were seeing things that I never noticed and felt the game played in different ways. They had different points of view about what the game was lacking or needed to improve on.

I really started seeing the benefit of having people play unfinished versions of my game and I wish I had done this sooner. I will make a note to get people to play earlier versions on my future games as often as possible!

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