Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Runes: Songs of the Gods - Version 0.7

Version 0.7 – Adding a front end and removing debug text

In this build my main objective was to add a front end. After that I wanted to disable debug to see how the overall game felt.

  • Add a front end with audio and sub-menu’s
    • Add a New Game option
    • Add a Credits option to credit people (for audio and font usage)
    • Add a How to Play option
    • Add music
  • Disable Debug to test out the game thus far

The front end was a new scene made up from the same wood texture as the rest of the GUI in the main game. I used Photoshop for this. After I got the textures sorted and sized I imported them and started working on the menu logic.

My Front End :)

I used the same principle I used in the basic games I made years and years ago as a kid. OnHover button effects! This made the menu seems a bit more interactive. When the player hovered over a button a description would pop up. This informed the player about the option. OnClick would select the option.  This build has a bug though, well not a bug but a setting that wasn’t checked. This resulted in the submenu’s being very blurry. I fixed this later though.

All blurry :(
 At first the submenu’s were all separate label elements but this made the whole design unruly. Instead I made the submenus in Photoshop as a solid image and imported them. After that I added a button graphic and added functionality to it. This resulted in a submenu consisting of 2 elements the submenu image and a button. This was better than a menu, a button and a label for every sentence + titles. 2 elements were easier to manage than 10-12 per submenu.

This did mean that if I had to edit the submenu’s I’d have to edit an image or remake it entirely. Fortunately saved as a .PSD file with layers the editing will be easy. And the game is so basic it probably won’t be required … probably.

I added a simple audio listener and added the chant music. Since this was only 1 audio source and it played on awake I just toggled it in the inspector. I could enable it via code by adding it in a Start() or Awake() functions in some script on the scene but this was an unnecessary complication.

After than I simply disabled the debug dropdown to see how the GUI worked and looked and how the general game felt. I changed the GUI text from yellow to white since yellow didn’t fit right. The font was still a bit unclear but it looked ok.

The aura effect on the selected runes looked nice and made the game so much more user-friendly. Unfortunately more than 3 runes could easily be selected and the array desync was still looming ominously. Other than that everything was working as expected for now, so on to the next build!

To summarise in this build:
  • Made a front end by adding a new scene and creating submenu’s imported from Photoshop
  • Added some nice front end music
  • Disabled the debug text to see how the game look and felt

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