Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Runes: Songs of the Gods - Version 0.3

Version 3 – Sexier particle effects and actual match-making

  • In this build I wanted to fix the particles and make them look better
  • I also wanted to have match making working fully

To fix the particles going sideways and not vertical I change the rotation of the particle systems themselves. After remaking all my rune prefabs from scratch. It was a tedious process which I hated. This is where I learnt the use of backups. There is no code for this as I chose to change the particles default rotation and I do not change the transform.rotate during runtime.

While messing around with this I added a fog effect from the Unity render settings. I remove this in a later build but it was interesting to play around with. I also add a snow particle effect to my game but the snow is very slow here and distracts from general gameplay which is a bad design choice. I fix this in later builds by speeding up the snow to match the wind SFX.

After this I add some actual match making functionality in terms of a CheckArray() function which is called by the RndRune script when appropriate. Later I realise this fancy pants way of checking the array causes a bug. Silly of me to miss it but at the time I was thinking about other parts of the system (mainly the array desycing from the players rune selections). I’ll post this builds code here:

for(int i = 0; i < 3; i++){
    Debug.Log("RuneSet[i] is: " + RuneSet[i]);
    if(tempStr == RuneSet[i]){
        isMatch = true;
        isMatch = false;
    CheckArrayToggle = false;

Pretty simple way of doing it I guess. It causes a bug when values 1 and 3 are the same but 2 is not. It will return a false positive. The first arrays value is stored in a local temp variable and the whole array is then compared to this value.

I let my girlfriend try the game out and she found it difficult to remember which rune she clicked and the game didn’t show her. I thought that would be good next step to work towards.

To summarise:
  • Particle effects default rotation changed to spray up properly – finalised design wise
  • Match making working properly (at least for this stage)

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