Thursday, 23 May 2013

Little steps, little stumbles

Hey everyone,

Well since my Runes game is as done as it's going to get I thought I'd make a quick post to cover what I'm currently working on.

It is strange how, while you're working on a game, you just want to keep adding to it. You feel the need to improve on it more and more. There are a few minor bugs left in my Runes game. And there are a ton of features I wanted to put in. But I feel that I need to use my time working on something new, to learn new things and to try and apply the things I learnt thus far.

Today and yesterday I spend working on my website, which I'm hoping to host soon enough. It'll allow everyone to actually play my games rather than just read about them!

The site is pretty much done and I have my Runes game running in a web browser just fine. It took me a while to make the site and get it all running properly. I found that I hate web developement. There is no writing code in web developement. Only trying to match colours and get boxes to go where you want them to go! Uurgh!!

But I did a pretty ok job I think, seeing as how I was using Notepad and don't have that much experience. I know that somewhere in the near future I'm doing to have to convert some of the HTML into HTML5 compatible stuffs. And I know lots of web developers out there will laugh at all my Framesets. But screw it I have games to develop!

Other than that, since the Unity3D guys have been awesome and released their mobile licenses for free I have been messing about with that. I have got the android SDK up and running and made my first hello world app. Testing it on the emulator and its working :) I'm working on improving it now - just working through all the SDK tutorials.

After that I'm hoping to hit up the Unity3D mobile tutorials and get a game on mobile! :D Andriod preferably since I can test on that phone.

I am also designing two games at the moment. One a mobile app that I want to develop once I get more XML savvy and refresh on Java a lot. And also wrap my head around how the mobile developement pipeline works. So much to learn and so little time!

The other game is going to be a stand-alone PC game. I was planning on making this an HTML5 based game and perhaps linking it to Facebook with the Facebook API but the game I have in mind wouldn't work on a browser. I wanted it to be single player anyhow. But I'm still designing the actual game and padding things out.

One big thing I learnt thus far is the importance of design so I'm not skimping on it this time around!

Anyhow, I think I'll play a game for a bit before heading to bed. All work and no play something something ...

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