Saturday, 25 May 2013 is now up and running!

Hey all :D

I got my website uploaded and running! Yay! Check it out at!

I know the layout is pretty basic. But Rome wasn't built in a day (and they had slave labour!)

Please note that this site was made with Firefox in mind but runs real nice on Google Chrome. If  you use Internet Explorer however I'm afraid you're gonna have a bad time!

It's one of the many quirks of web development I learnt. You're all "Ah this looks pretty swanky...I wonder what it looks like in IE.... OH GOD WHAT IS THAT? WHY? WHYYY? D:"

So yea, don't use IE until I fix my site for it.

Most important note of all is you can now play my Runes game on it :D

I'm working on setting up an email for feedback, so hopefully that'll be available soon so I can have the internet insult me Youtube comment style.

Have fun!

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