Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Runes: Songs of the Gods - Version 0.5

Version 0.5 – Adding sound effects and basic GUI

  • In this build I wanted to create the 2D GUI elements for the game
  • I also wanted to add the game sounds as I have never done it with Unity3D before

With this build I edited some audio (using Audacity) to compress it down a bit size wise and convert all files into mp3 format. I did this so that I could potentially release the little project on a web browser. I got the audio from some very talented people on I was like a kid in a candy store. When I used to make crappy little point-and-click -games as a kid, getting sounds for my game was always a huge effort and I often didn’t bother at all.

I edited some rough wind audio from an approximately 200 meg soundtrack of a storm using Audacity and added some placeholder sounds for the intro. This is pretty much all I did with sound in this build.

I started working on some of the GUI. Mostly the textures which I made in Photoshop. They weren’t amazing but seeing as how I can barely even hold a pencil the right way up I thought it was a pretty good attempt at being artsy. I put them into the game to see how they looked. They had no functionality at this stage however. Also the audio wasn’t playing properly yet, but at least it was playing!

It was at this stage when I decided to add to my design a bit. I was going to have it so that if a player reached a certain threshold, a bonus score would be activated. Once this occurred a message would flash up stating something like “The gods sing!” Once this was done there would be come cool track that played to make the Gods actually have some form of presence in the game. Once the gods were done singing or somehow before then the flashing message would go away and the gods voices would die down. This was until the player reached the next bonus score threshold.

Doing this would allow me to add a bit more interest/lore to my game rather than it being to boring. For example only those good at manipulating the runes can hear the gods talk. Or something like that.

To summarise this build:
  • Created basic 2D GUI textures using the same sources as the in-game textures
  • Started playing around with the audio elements in Unity
  • Started amending my game design into something larger than a napkin scribble
A basic GUI

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