Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Blender a Day! Day 1 to 4!

Thus far I spent roughly 2 weeks teaching myself Blender and 3D modeling. The whole creative art thing isn't really my deal but I wanted to gain a better technical understanding of rigging, weight painting and animation. Since most of my games are constrained to 2D due to my lack of these skills. 

So my goal with this was to reach an ok looking bunch of assets that I could practice with. My weapons of choice were Blender and Unity! Yaay! I'll post my progress below. I was aiming to make 1 thing a day.

Day 1 - Cabin in the woods

Since this would be an easy start (just a cube really) I thought it a good starting point. I did learn how normals worked in terms of which way they face in Blender though! Before that standing inside my cabin meant I couldn't see the inside of the walls. I still need to redo all of it since its far to simple and im not happy with it.

Day 1 - Cabin in the woods

Day 2 - Some Furniture for the inside

Next I tried to make some basic furniture. I also made a window that was transparent so that I could experiment with some lighting stuff. I also made two light rays to try and match the low-poly art style. The table is super basic so I wanna rework it. I'm pretty happy about the window.

Day 3 - Crappy backpack and a bed

I deleted these from the scene in Unity since they are really bad, but I thought I'd show em anyhow. On day 3 I made a backpack and a bed. I also tried my hand at texturing in Blender.

I had a go at making the bed cover look ... like...kinda clothy? But yea, that didn't do well and it looked even worse textured.

And next I made a really super blocky backpack. Also not great but I learnt how texturing works in Blender so its not all bad.

Day 4 -  Ham Radio

On day 4 I focused on learning how to make ropes and use curves in blender (the wire part). Some kid on Youtube taught me and after I got the basics I experimented around.

Ham Radio

 Below is what I had thus far, imported into Unity, textures included.

Collection of assets

So that's the first 4 days. I'll continue on in my next post. Don't want this to run to long. 


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