Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Blender a Day! Day 5!

So in part two I'll cover the rest of my basic assets! Lets get started!

Day 5 - Fixed up cabin door and low poly pans!

So in my last post, you might have noticed the light shining through the cracks of my cabin door. That was a change I made to the original solid block door I first made. I made the change so I could play around with different lighting and shadow affects which was cool. I also added the cross bars.

Next up I wanted to add some more things to my cabin to make it look a bit less boring. So as it was a week day and I didn't have to much time, I made some low poly frying pans to hang on the wall. I wanted to make a shelf they were attached to but I've not had time yet and will probably do it as part of my cabin rework.

An example of what they look like in Unity can be seen below.

And that was day 5. I think it's best if I do a post per day to keep things concise.

Thanks for reading!

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