Friday, 14 June 2013

Trucking on, slowly

Evening all,

I have been continuing as usual but I thought I’d take a break from the studying and example-code to post an update before bed!

I’m going to be honest when I say that I am hitting a little bit of a low point what with all the reading and continuous examples. I am extremely anxious to start making something cool to add to my portfolio! I have too many ideas and I am tired of mapping them out on paper. I want to code!

I am now approximately halfway through my book on Android development. I have covered many different areas and I am finding the book very well written and the content interesting! I have been working my way through all the examples, written in Java and been coding along in Eclipse using the SDK. Thus far I have covered touch, multitouch (Android does this in a “fun” way haha), dragging, basic graphics rendering, threads, audio playback, key presses and storage (external and internal). I have all the basics to develop a game!

I am now working my way through the game example and hope to make good progress. After that I will finally be able to start making my own games I have been designing. I cannot wait! :D

In other news I have been tinkering with my website. I have pretty much made a version that got rid of framesets. I instead use only Divs to make things more HTML5 compatible. I am hoping to modify it for mobile phone viewing. Unfortunately once I finished the layout of the mobile site, I found the wonders of JQuery and Ajax. I have been looking into loading pages via XML since that would be an easier/more efficient way than using Divs with Javascript. 

I have also moseyed away from using Notepad and am currently using UltraEdit for my web development. I am really happy with this editor! I am going to show off some screenshots below. It has this awesome built in web browser demo panel so you can quickly see the results of your changes and edits. It gets a bit wonky when using scripts in the HTML but to combat this you can load the page into your default browser with the click of a button and this fixes it. I am really loving UltraEdit so shout out to them :D And it sure beats Notepad!

The code/html layout in UltraEdit

Check the changes with a click of the button! (draft site I know it looks bad)
I also started rereading my HTML5 games development book and I was surprised that I now understood a lot more than before. I set it aside as I got a bit overwhelmed with the HTML terminology used in the book. Making my own site and getting it hosted however really does seem to be paying off. Very slowly things are starting to come together. I now love JQuery and I understand what a DOM is. Before these things may as well have been Latin to me! I am hoping to work through that book once I finish my Android book. I think making a facebook game would be really cool!

Lastly I am toying with the idea of showing off a few older Unity projects I put on hiatus. Just to show something interesting. Even though I have been spending 3-4 hours a day on this after work my portfolio is lacking in examples. This is not a good thing I’m afraid. I might make a little prototype area on my site or a demo bits area. We’ll see how it goes. 

For the next few weeks my Android development takes priority though. After that I’ll fix up my site and maybe get the mobile version up and running. I also miss using Unity– if I have time after all the above things I’d like to mess around with it some more!  But right now I need sleep.

As always thank you for reading,

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