Sunday, 23 June 2013

Finaly the week-end!

Cant let the whole week-end go by without making a post! :)

Things are going slow you guys, I think this may be because I'm trying to cover to much. Then again I'm not going to stop! I spent this week working on the following areas.

Converted my site to not use Frames, I am still reconstructing everything now. It's taking time, as usual. I am loading everything in from external files using Ajax then showing the content in Divs. I am planning on doing this with the mobile version on my site also.

I also found a neat plugin called google-code-prettify. Weird name I know but it allows me to make any code I post on my site go from this to this:

I tried combining the Ajax loading in functionality with the plugin but for some reason I lose all colouring data when it runs. Like I'd get the line numbers and background to load up fine but the text would be completely unformatted. I'm sure this is due to the fact that the plug-in only runs once the page is loaded and only runs once? I tried for a long time to get it to update and fix this but I couldn't figure it out. I'll have to be creative in my design to get around this problem I guess.

I have also continued design for a game I'm working on, thus far I'm writing out all my code on paper and trying to get this to make sense first. I'm going to be using Unity and GUITextures for most of this game. Using a 3D engine for a 2D game may be overkill but I can use C# which I love. Also using Unity means I don't have to spend time using a new IDE. Learning two is enough for now!

I realise that using Quads seems to be the way to go performance wise, but this is a PC game so I don't think performance will be a problem. Even with all the draw calls GUITexures supposedly make. (He says now watch down the line as I panic that my game is crippled).

The game I'm designing is a management game, dealing with the running of a space station. I am planning to have the levels prodecurally generated depending on 1 of three sizes. The level contents will consist of different elements and are picked at random.

So the player will always have a random level, and have to change his plans depending on the station he is presented with.

It sounds simple enough, but I want to get the code planned out properly before trying to implement anything. Below I pasted a screenshot of one of the station concepts I was tinkering with. I can get levels loading up in Unity quickly, but procedurally generating them - that's a bit more interesting.

This would be the main view panel in the overall GUI. I am planning to have lots of neat things shown in there. Once I get everything working.

I am still reading my Android Development book, but wanted to break the tedium of reading and actually make a game. Having a site with only one game on it is bumming me out.

I have been developing something small at work also, or shall I say amending something I developed as a prototype ages ago. Some training software, written in an overly basic language. I don't think it'll be used though. Not officially anyhow. But it's been draining me. It's approximately over 500 lines of code. I'm really proud of what I managed to get it to do; all things considered. It even prints to a printer now! And dynamically finds the assets it needs to run, regardless of where it's placed. It'll even run off a USB!

Nobody at work is a code monkey apart from me. So I waste my breath trying to explain just why that's so awesome.

Work in general has been draining me. I come home during the week and go straight to bed. There are reasons for this that I'd rather not get into. Not worth it since I ain't planning on sticking around.

Anyhow I spent this week end sleeping-in late and having some fun. I can't get anything done if I'm burnt out. Tomorrow it all starts up again :D

I have to get to doing:
  • Updating my web site - finishing off the mobile version and upload it (all HTML5 and sexy)
  • Continue making the graphics for my space game above
  • Keep reading my Android book so I can get my Dragon App goinggggg!

For now I'm going to have a beer and play The Last of Us.
Have a good Sunday guys!

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