Sunday, 1 February 2015

Grimm Journey Project page

Quick update, to show that I still live!

I refactored the sound manager, in our game into three different ones, and I am in the process on implementing them. Unfortunately as usual my University studies are keeping me pretty busy.

Apart from that I have set up a basic frame work for a project site for our little game project. It is pretty simple, has a few tabs. Currently these read About, Media, Play and Contact. It's not live yet since it still needs to be filled in and I want to grab some art for it to make it look nicer. I also want to set up a different page style as I just use the CSS from my main site at the moment. I am waiting for our artist to get back in touch so I can ask her advice. Will run this by the rest of the team as well.

I think it's important that we have one solid place to show people our stuff. At the moment it's all grape vined through blogs and links and repos. Hopefully this will be a solution and rather than try and explain to people we can just show em :)

Not heard anything from Leftfield peoples yet. Wondering if I should shoot them a mail or not. Will look into this.

That's it for tonight! 

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