Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Trader v0.1 - A small little world

First thing I had to do was get a small little world built. I had a few options here. As with any game I had to decide on art style and the type of game I wanted. I settled on a 2D game, with bright colours. A very cartoony and easy going look. For the moment I planned on using placeholder art assets I could find freely on the web. Ones that I had permission to use that is.

Now that I decided on my art style and the type of game I wanted I had two more options. As I was using Unity for this, I had the option of using GUItextures and labels with the built in GUI system. Or, I could do things differently and use Quads. I stumbled onto this guide here (http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshSutphin/20130519/192539/Making_2D_Games_With_Unity.php) which proved very useful. Due to potential problems with collision detection and because having a load of GUI textures would be computationally expensive I thought that quads were the best way forward.

Fortunately after messing around in Blender for a few minutes, and trying to remember how to use it, I noticed that the new version of Unity supplied quads from the drop down menu. This made things much easier on me and I could now build a little world consisting of quads.

After the quads were set up, I could manipulate them easy enough. I set up some simple onKey move functionality. So now I had a world of quads running about on a super big quad. As I have never used quads before, I wanted to see how to load textures to them. This was the next step. Once I was confident I could get textures to load up on the quads during runtime, I could move on to the more important trade functionality.

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