Sunday, 23 March 2014

Still alive - Development Update

Hey guys,

I have not updated this blog in far to long, or my site for that matter. A bunch of stuff has been going on which has been keeping me busy. Rather than go on and on about it I'm gonna try and summarise it all in one short paragraph:

Moved out of mum and pop's place. Moved in with girlfriend. Quit my old job, got a new job. Learnt a whole lot about the industry I never really had to opportunity to see before.

That's pretty much it. Now that I've settled into my new place (kinda) and my new job is going ok, I figured I could devote some time to updating my site and blog a bit.

I have recently had some time to spend working on my next little game, which I shall show off in my next few posts.

It's a pretty basic game, in terms of mechanics, but it still pretty fun. Or at least I hope it will be once it's done. 

That's all I've got to say for now really, thanks for reading.

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