Monday, 1 December 2014

Ludum Dare 31 time!

So I'm taking a break from my University project this week end and I'm taking part in another Ludum Dare :D

This time rather than doing the 48 hour competition I'm doing the jam which is 72 hours. I put a team of bad asses together and we're going to try and make something cool while learning in the process :D

The team currently consists of:
  • 2 coders
  • 2 artists
  • 1 game designer
  • All awesome people :D
I'm already stoked as the theme votes are almost over. 4 more days and we'll be good to go!

Watch this space as I'll be updating on our progress as we go! 

But for now I have to get back to finishing off my study work to free up some time for this week end!

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