Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Salvation Update - Minisite in the works

My girlfriend is being amazing and is working hard at the concept art. While she slaves away over a tablet I thought I'd make a start on the minisite. My HTML and Javascript are basic at best but I got most of the basics done.

Now I just have to populate it with the content.

Not had any time to work on the actual game tonight. Pretty lame since I'd rather be focusing on the bug fixes and such but getting word out is just as important :D I also really can't wait to show you guys the concepts that she has been working on. I think they look amazing :) 

We also had a pretty long discussion about the world my game is set in. I thought I knew a lot about sci-fi but compared to my lady I'm an amateur!

I also started fleshing out the story line so that I can start pin pointing how many levels I'll be adding to the games Campaign/Story mode.

As usual you are awesome and thanks for reading,

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